Covered in Mud

My obsession with clay started as a young child when my Mother would take me along to the craft studio at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri in the early 80's.  She tells me that I would sit with adult like concentration and paint glaze on bisque fired figurines, which struck her as odd because my two older brothers never did.  One of my first pieces is on permanent display, currently being used as a doorstop, at the Johnson residence in Selmer, TN.  Its a big, green, warted toad that my Mother and I completed together.  I think I was 5.  

I took my first course in ceramics in 2000 while in school at the Memphis College of Art in Memphis, TN.  It was then and there that I was inspired to use clay as my medium.  Since then I have been making work in any available studio that I could find.  Here's the run down.

2003  BFA Memphis College of Art

2003-2006  Home Studio, Memphis, TN and Joseph Eckles Stoneware, Hernando, MS

2006-2010  Supermud Studio, New York, NY and Brickhouse Ceramic Art Center, Brooklyn, NY

2010-2014  Joseph Eckles Stoneware, Hernando, MS

2014-Now  Home Studio, Memphis, TN